Ice Cream & Breakfast Menu in Saint Paul, MN

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with the Leading Ice Cream Shop in Saint Paul, MN

Have you got a sweet tooth and are looking for something different to satisfy your cravings? Why not enjoy scoop ice cream at the leading ice cream parlor in Saint Paul, MN? Nestled in the heart of the Minnesota-nice capital district, Rico’s Ice Cream Parlor serves up the most exciting menu to cater for any preference. Try traditional hometown flavors or satisfy your hunger with the most delicious breakfast food and beverages in the area in a fun and friendly environment that will have you coming back for more.

Fun and Friendly Ice Cream Shop Offering Premium Hometown Flavors

Through a partnership with Grand Ole Creamery, Rico’s Ice Cream Parlor is proud to offer the most outstanding range of scoop ice cream flavors in Saint Paul, MN. Create a fantastic sundae featuring strawberry ice cream and toppings to die for, or go for indulgence with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. More than just an ice cream shop, we also offer the most outstanding range of breakfast foods that will get your day started the right way. We invite you to experience a fun and friendly atmosphere at our breakfast café while you find your new favorite flavor.

Come in and Try Our Ice Cream and Beverages Today!

Whether you love a classic vanilla ice cream or you want to try our premium ice cream flavors, Rico’s Ice Cream Parlor is your number one choice in Saint Paul, MN. Visit today or call us at (651) 592-1162 for more.